Hello guys...
How are you? 
Today I gonna review my new eyeliner gel which come from Skinfood.. yeayyy..! XD
I love eyeliner gel because they are easy to use.. and you can draw your eyes carefully.. 
I think eyeliner gel is suitable for newbie.. different with liquid eyeliner.. 
Liquid eyeliner suitable for expert.. lols..
I love all types of eyeliner.. Pencil, gel, creamy, powder, or liquid..  
And why I choose this eyeliner??
Because there are still a few people who review this one.. 
I'm really curious so I pick this one and because I already run out of my eyeliner, so I bought a new one..

"The Chocolate makes you more sweet and deep"
Who don't love chocolates? XD I LOVE CHOCOLATES so much lol..
and this eyeliner really really cute.. Because I love natural looks, I pick brown color for my eyeliner..
Brown color is soft and natural.. not giving you a bold look.. 
Okay let's start from the packaging first..
I cannot resist of this cute packaging.. With a banner on the top of the eyeliner and a free brush in the bottom, this packaging is really cute.. The packaging is really simple with a brown color and the brush in the bottom.. this eyeliner is travel friendly.. so this eyeliner can fit in your makeup pouch..!

This eyeliner have a very creamy texture and a very good brown choco color.. 
sometimes when I try brown color, the color not pigmented or too pigmented which make the eyeliner too dark almost black or too soft.. but this eyeliner have a very perfect brown color for me..
the brush it self a little bit hard but I still can deal with that.. 
This eyeliner texture easy to dry when you use it so say good bye to eyeliner mark in the eyelid.. 
I hate eyeliner which not easy to dry.. very annoying.. 
because I'm not a pro in drawing an eyeliner.. 
Since my eyes have tappered eyelid, that's why it's very hard to draw eyeliner perfectly.. lol..
This eyeliner also not irritating your eyes.. 

Top no makeup, bottom with makeup lol..
Sorry for weird face and bad image.. I'm so lazy too edit my image lately..
After this I'll fix my image again.. hehehe..
SO... For me this eyeliner is just perfect..
you can use it for about 5hours more. after that, It tends to smudge under your eyes..
+ Perfect color
+cute packaging
+ long lasting
- nope
see yaa in the next post..