Hello friends... XD
Actually I wanna post this long time ago, but since I busy with my final project in college, 
I hold on to publish this review.. yeay..!
Now I back with not a new items, just a new color range lipstick from Etude House..
I have this two pieces and I already sell the other one lols.. 
Everybody must be known this lipstick..
A good product, affordable, pretty and have many color range..

they have so many new range of color and I choose the purple one.. PK019.. 
Next time I think I would like to repurchase orange color. XD
I'm so addicted with orange color lips..
orange color is really suitable for me.. my skintone goes well with orange color..

Net Wt: 3.4 gr
Made in Korea
exp in 18 months after opening

alright back into the main thing...
Why I choose a purple color?
yea just want to try other color than orange or pink lol..

Its just my fuck camera which make my picture not pigmented.. 
sorry for bad picture but in the real life, the color almost same with Etude's picture..
About the lasting power, I use this and eat, the color removed a little bit..
but not dissapeared.. still stick on my lips..
but for sure we need to reapply this one.. :D

by the way talking about my header.. please just ignore it..
I still waiting my sister to draw a header image and she still work on coloring it.. XD
so I just use the blogger header for now.. :(
I hope this short review help you all to trust this product in your pocket..
I love this product overall.. want to try other color If I have money later.. XD