Finally I'm back from my hiatus..
after finished my final project at college, and after I change my mind to fix my motivation,
and now I'm back with a mini review.. 
I'll not do many review every month, since I want to reduce my shopping addict.. 
so, today I'll review about my new cushion case, I already buy this one through Pre order long time ago..
and finally this one arrived this July, I want to have a different cushion case which I can use for cushion from different brand.. 

Etude House really catch my eyes with this Cinderella Princess.. I hope they will release another collaboration with disney.. XD Actually I want to have the minnie case but, after I decide, I will bought this cinderella.. Can you see the cinderella is very pretty here, and look at the barcode, a shoes on top.. really cute right? 
this case was made for Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion, but I think this case is multifungsional, you can use it with another cushion.. hehehe

I'm so lazy edit my image so I'm sorry if this picture is not clear as the post before.. XD 
I already buy Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Mint.. to use this case only only need to stick the refill untill you hear "click".. Yeay I have the limited edition one.. I always want to have the limited edition things.. because sometimes when they already out of stock I'll regret it if I can't buy it.. 

This case was made from hard plastic so, when you drop this case, your cushion will stay safe.. 
so try it.. XD buy it, love it.. :*

(using magic any cushion)