Oh Gosh Since Etude release their collection called "Lock n summer", 
now they release another new little collection called Play Tropical..
I think this is also a summer edition.. 
Alright not only this collection they also launch a little new things that catch my eyes so much lols...
Start with the tropical collection ones...

1. Look At My Eyes Cafe New Tropical Color
If you read my older new release color from Look at my eyes, you'll love that color so much.. 
If you missed it take a look here: Look at my eyes New Color 2014
They release so many new color which I loved so much and now, they release tropical color..

the older color here:
they are so pretty right? I love the yellow color.. want to try it so much lols...

2. Look At My Eyes NEW Tropical Color
not only the cafe which have a new color,
this range also have many new colors...
Look at my eyes cafe is MATTE eyeshadow and Look at my eyes NEW is collaboration between matte and shimmer..

The Older Colors Here:

3. Play Nails Topical Edition
who loves nail arttt????
raise your hand...
Okai after I tell you about their new melting sugar collection here: Etude House Play Nails Collection
and know they release more and more colors..

I'm not a big fan of Nail art but I want to buy one or two colors only for play.. lols..
that's all about the tropical new collection.. really wanna to try them..
*collect money* lols
and know about other new things from Etude House

4. Precious Mineral Perfect Fit BB cream SPF30 PA++
As far as I know they will discontinue two of their BB cream, one is Precious mineral Bright fit and Cotton fit also.. but I don't know the truth, Just hearing some rumor..
and actually before this one, they also release Precious mineral Blooming fit BB cream..

5. Ice Tint Balm
Alright this is my favorite new things from Etude House..
Oh God, I LOVE LIPTINT so much.. and know they release a new tint
with many of my fave colors inside...

Can you see that??? Purple, burgundy, orange.. Oh My money.. T^T
Really want to buy all this colors..
Lips things is always a women favorite right?
so which one you want to try them most??
Comment below..^^