[JOLSE] Nada Soda The Pore Care Pack Review

Hi everyoneeee... Another lucky day come to me after I receive this announcement that I win another reviewer contest held by Jolse.. This time I got a mask..! Yeay.. ~ Since my pregnancy start to entering trimester 2, I finally able to use makeup and other skincare without worry about acne anymore.. ^^

  • The smooth clay cream type texture transforms into actively popping ample bubbles.
  • The powerful bubbles and clay ingredient tends the skin smooth and clean.
  • Many ingredients soothes and tends the skin bright and clear with moisture.
  • Brand: Nada
    Volume: 50 gr
    Price: USD 10.98
    Skin Type: All Skin

    The packaging is so cute.. This mask is having a lot of new function that turn the mask into soft bubble.. Lately there is a lot of bubble mask in the industry that really cute for me because the mask will turn their self into a bubble and we can play with it before we wash it off.. xD
    Nada claims that this mask absorb waste in the pores, clean it and make our skin more soft and smooth.. The more fun fact about this mask is when you apply it, don't move a lot or the bubble will fly away like a snow lol.. I experienced it a lot after try to use this mask almost three times a week, so If you really curious and want to try this, you can stay quite and sit down or your clothes will full of flying bubbles..
    The texture is a soft clay type that easily spread to your face, but you need fast honey..! FAST..!! If you apply it too slowly the bubble will start to form.. so I always take a huge amount of the mask and quickly apply it to my face before the bubble start to form..

    Overall this mask really make my skin smooth but I don't see any change with the white or black head around my face removed properly.. I still have white and black heads around my nose area and this mask not clearing it well.. But for take care dry area and give a skin a nice canvas before doing makeup, this mask is really do the job.. I love how they make my dry skin area smooth.. This mask also easy to wash and don't leave any residue on the face..^^

    What I like about this product is:
    ~ clay to bubble type
    ~ easy to wash off

    What I don't like about this product is:
    ~ Not clearing the pores properly..

    to buy this product:
    see yaa in the next post..^^
    (this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)