[JOLSE] Keep in Touch White Blending Base Cushion Review

Hi everyone.. XD anyone miss my blog? Currently my status is a preggie women that finally got her spirit to write in the blog again.. Actually I got a lot of draft and in-edited picture on my laptop because of the laziness that attack me for this past few months.. So starting this August, I will try to post it one by one.. Last week I got a new package from Jolse, because I win one of their review event, Yeay~ I got a new cushion from a brand called Keep in Touch.. This is my first time trying their product.. Currently there is a lot of new brands in Korea that I want to try but because my status is pregnant, my skin lately become so sensitive and hard to maintain.. That's why I reduce my contact with cosmetics a lot.. hiks.. so sad..~

Whitening tone up effect with 5 white flower complex.
Hides troubles and brightens skin tone!
Skin-filling moisture glow with hybrid sharing technology.
Vitalizes tired skin with pure camellia ingredients.
Non-glowing skin texture all day with make-up holding system 
Brand: Keep in Touch
Volume: 15 gr
Price: USD 19.48
Shade: 1-3

Talking about the packaging, this brand really have a cute packaging, but for me it's juat not so interesting, because I love simple and elegant packaging for now.. The packaging is too full and I just don't like it..  Lately, my picture quality comes out so sucks, I already setting the camera correctly but I don't know why the picture sometimes out like ashy grey and not clear, previously there is nothing wrong with my picture, but now the camera keeping produce ashy grey picture just like in the packaging pictures.. :( anyone can help me how to set my camera again?

The cushion case is have a good quality and thick, comes with a clear mirror and close tightly.. When you purchase this cushion, it didn't come with the refill, so when y ou run out of it you need to purchase another refill..

The cushion have 2 different parts, the whiter one is the whitening effect, and the darker one is for covering up your face.. This brand claims that this cushion contain 5 flower complex that help to tone up, vitalizing and give a nice moisture.. When I try the cushion for the first time, I dunno why but this cushion give me a cooling effect for a moment and give my oily skin a nice moisture without make my face looks cakey.. For me this cushion coverage is just medium, not high coverage but it's good enough to cover redness around my nose area and give a nice pore filling.. The staying power is not so good but quite surprise me, because I thought this cushion will only hold for 2-3 hours in the oily face, but this cushion proved that the lasting power is suit oily skin for 4-5 hours depends on how oily your skin is.. 
I don't say that this is my favorite cushion, but this cushion is really a choice when my pregnancy make my skin so sensitive.. This cushion really suit sensitive skin, didn't make any break out and usually my skin will start to showing up their anger when I use full coverage cushion, acnes will start to grow up and it's really make me hard to use make up but this cushion didn't make my skin angry and just give a nice medium coverage.. So I've been using this cushion a lot lately, because all my favorite cushion make my skin break out so bad.. 

What I like about this product is:
~ Suit sensitive skin
~ Long lasting enough
~ Very light texture
~ Good quality

What I don't like about this product is:
~ the packaging

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)