Skinfood Mineral Sugar Blend Eyes and other items from

Hi all.. really sorry for the lack of posting some review.. I just get married and busy preparing a new business, that;s why I'm so lazy to update my post.. This time, I want to introduce you to another online shop that catch my eyes... ^^ KollectionK is one of great online shop that sells Korean cosmetics.. They sent me some product to try and review.. so Sorry for late review.. T^T

KollectionK currently make a new inspiration in their shop that you can easily shop the items more easily and the service is free, they called it koncierge service.. Koncierge service is a service that help you to shipping Korean cosmetics easily, sometimes we can't understand about the items that we bought, so just like Concierge, they help people and explain about the product that they have.. So if you don't understand korean language, you can easily shop the items, and ask about the product to the Koncierge service, they also will help you to place your order completely and help you until you receive the items.. If you curious about the service you can see it here:

The first item that I want to review is an eyeshadow from Skinfood that really catch my eyes and heart.. This eyeshadow is really pigmented and good for daily eyeshadow.. XD

The packaging is very simple, not comes with a box just with a plastic seal.. you can see the information under the palette.. The price also not so expensive for a great quality pigmented eyeshadow.. ^^

One thing that I love from the palette is the brush..! The brush really help to put eyeshadow under my eyes and on my crease.. The brush is tiny..XD 
There are 6 colors in the palette and all the colors is pigmented.. The smells of the eyeshadow also very good.. skinfood really makes my heart fall for their makeup now.. They already improved their makeup quality..^^
As you can see the swatch is very pigmented.. and I'm also already post the mini video tutorial on my youtube channel as well.. Here is the link:

Not only the eyeshadow, KollectionK also sent me cute mirror and A'pieu Sponge that is non latex sponge.. 

I'm really love the sponge although ist's a bit hard to wash because it will crack when you wash it too often.. Remember it's non latex sponge.. T^T
That's all a short review about the product that KollectionK sent to me.. I hope this review helpful.. I really like this online shop, you can easily convert the currency into Indonesian money, so you can calculate the price easily.. 

See ya in my next post girlss.. <3