Yuhuuu..~ Another skincare review.. Lately I love my skin so I rarely use makeup.. Because of that I need a good skincare to tkae care my face.. One month ago, Wishtrend sent me a serum.. OMG, another vitamin C serum, I already review 2 times about vitamin C serum, the first one is C20, then Garnier and now I will review Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop.. It's a vitamin C serum hahaha.. Actually, I want to have tanned skin than white skin, but I always got a vitamin C serum that I need to review on my blog.. That's why my skin is never got tanned..

Wake your skin up with
the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop !
(5% Ascorbic Acid)
Brand: Klairs
Volume: 35 ml
Price: USD 23
Skin Type: All skin
The serum come out with a plastic bottle, with a filler to take the serum.. As far as I know Klairs is really suitable for sensitive skin, I don't have sensitive skin, even sometimes I feel like my skin is like a rhino skin.. Never got damage by cosmetics.. I only got acne when near my period time.. That's why I never got any problem to try new skincare or new cosmetics.. 

Klairs is one brand that Wishtrend create by them and become very popular because so many sensitive skin out there that suitable use the brand.. Actually If you ask me what is my favorite brand, I'll answer that my favorite brand is Cosrx.. My skin is oily type, that's why I love Cosrx, I never try Klairs before, so this is the first one..
In their packaging, Wishtrend really provide complete information for all people including the complete ingredients, complete explanation on the website.. They take care other costumer that can't read Korean words.. Both in the box or in the bottle you can see the information..

The texture is a little bit heavy for a serum, not really like a water drop but not too thick like a gel.. Every time I try the serum, there is a stingy sensation on my skin, but will disappeared soon.. I try to use it at the day and my skin become more oily, not really suit oily skin lol.. but it's better when I use in the night, because they repair my skin when I sleep.. This serum really help to reduce acne scar and help to brightening skin.. This also help to reduce dull skin.. When you have white skin, you'll look very tired if your skin is dull, so Vit C serum will help to keep your face clean and clear without dull problem.. 
Overall I love the product.. maybe for some people they will hate the stingy sensation on their skin, but since it's not damage my skin or make my skin weird, I still love the serum.. Sometimes beauty is pain is true.. so I just let the stingy sensation go If the serum good for my face.. I never have any complain about stingy sensation to my face as long the result is good.. 
Until now the vit C serum that work for my face is Klairs freshly juiced and Garnier light complete white speed serum.. both of them is my favorite vitamin C serum to reduce acne scar after I got my period..
I would like to recommend this product If you have dull skin and want to reduce acne scar very fast..

By the way girls, I heard that some of you got taxes problem when you shopping at wishtrend, actually, If you go shopping below 50$ you won't get any taxes problem.. and If you spend more than 50$ please pay your taxes, it's your responsibility not the company responsibility..Because I always pay the taxes if I shopping more than 50$..

What I like about this product is:
~ reduce acne scar
~ help to take care dull skin

What I don't like about this product is:
~ none

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Wishtrend, all review is based on my honest opinion)