Hi hi alll.... If you are really love my blog you'll see that finally I change my blog name into official from to
I decide to change it because it's make my blog name easy to find and read.. Lucky me I found that the domain still available and I directly purchase it from

At first It was very difficult to use the domain into blogger, I search for the tutorial but still don't understand until I try one way by my own and it's works.. Thanks God..!
For celebrating this big news, I decide to make a giveaway ft BBCosmetics..

The rules is all about instagram..!

Since BB Cosmetic is make a new Instagram, Let's we follow and get this VERY POPULAR conjac sponge for free.. total winner is 10 person, each person will receive 1 konjac sponge from BB Cosmetic..
By the way, this giveaway is International..!

1. Follow @lizachan0403 and @bbcosmetic_official on Instagram.
2. Register at BB Cosmetic official site (
3. Follow me on GFC.
4. Repost the giveaway image on Instagram and give the hashtag #lizachanxbbcosmetic and don't forget to tag us..
5. Comment on my giveaway intagram piture : "I want konjac sponge"

It's very easy right???
I already prepare for some review on my blog.. Still waitin the package from Korea to arrive..

I hope you keep support my blog girls...!
Next time I want also to make a tutorial about my look on Instagram.. Which one should I make first? Please give me your comment through Instagram or in this blog..~!

xoxo, Lizachan