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There is no stickiness.
In water base 80% containing can be expressed refreshingly.
Quick and easy coloring is possible.
Hyaluronic Acid helps replenish moisture to the lips. 
Brand: Missha
Volume: 4.5 gr
Price: USD 6.88

This tint is made by watery texture, really reminds me of Tonymoly tint that very popular long time ago.. When I heard Missha have new release tint, I'm very happy, lately Missha is my favorite brands, cheap price, good quality and texture.
Let's we start talking about the packaging first. The packaging is very simple, only come with a seal, too bad, when I receive it the packaging is leaking , until my Innisfree Real fit lipstick box is pink.. It's okai by the way, I'll throw the box lols..~ Now the tint only half of the bottle.. I think Missha should make sure the cap is closed very tight or all the tint will leaking when it's arrived on your home..
The wand is just regular lipgloss wand, and I still don't understand why the tint is leaking, I saw that this tint have a safety rubber, so I don't think that the tint will easily leaking.
Grapefruit has a very natural pink color.. I love how this tint make my lips more live and give natural tint color.. About the lasting color, I find that this tint quite last long even after you eat, but this tint don't give me a nice moisture just like what they claim.. My lips still dry.. I really love the watery texture, really light and easy to apply..
The original color also same with the advertorial picture.. Missha never lie about their color quality.. I really want try LINE collection from them.. lols~!
Over all I really love this tint except the "leaking"..

What I like about this product is:
~ Natural color
~ Longlasting
~ Very light texture
~ Good quality

What I don't like about this product is:
~ Why your tint is leaking, Missha..!

to buy this product:
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