Happy New Year.. !! Lols.. Very very late right?
Finally another makeup review everyone.. XD Still remember that Missha release some of Wonder Woman Collection? I really love this collection, not for the character but for the PALETTE.. When this collection arrived, I want to buy Apieu Doraemon palette, but I found this color more attractive and 10 colors vs 8 colors, for sure I choose 10 color.. XD


Brand: Missha
Volume: 10 gr
Price: KRW 19.840
Shade: 01 girlish look, 02 lovely look
The packaging is quite incredible.. I love wonder woman she is pretty and strong Lols..~! Wonder woman have two main color, red and blue. I try the blue one because the color combination is more pretty. XD The palette it self made by hard plastic case, but I think when you drop it, the palette will be broken.. 

There is 10 colors in this palette, all written in Korean names so I dunno what color is it, Let's we named it 1 until 10 start from the left to the right..

It's a nude beige shimmery color, If you want to get a shimerry base, you can try this as a base color before jump into main colors

It's a contouring color, matte soft brown perfect for contour eyes or nose also can. 

It's a pink nude shimmery color, this color also work as a base color. if you want to get shimmery pink base, you can use this before use main color, this color also works as a highlighter.

It's a matte milky pink color.. This color is really pink and good for main color. For a pink lover you definitely need this. 

It's coral timee.. matte orange coral so lovely.. This color is my favorite among others.. I really love this color.. Perfect for main color, mixed or base also can..

Another coral color, but this time, the texture is shimmery.. I love this color also, make my eyes like in the wonderland.. lols..~!

Move into the dark color this color is really special, perfect for cornering, perfect for blend color.. It's a shimmery red burgundy color..! I think the color is mixed with a little brown color..

It's a shimmery light grey brown.. You can use this as a highlight for the eyes or for main color as well.. 

Yeay... daily colors here... a natural shimmery brown color, perfect for party or daily makeup too.. 

It's a dark brown color, you can use it as a point colors, for the corner of your eyes or for main color to create deep smokey eyes.. XD

The swatch is without using any primer, when you try it with primer, you'll amaze with the quality. Really pigmented and easy to blend.. Some light color is poor in pigmentation but really show off when you use it on your eyes.. The texture of each color is very soft and not powdery.. Long lasting on eyes..
Here I use number 5 and 6 without primer girls.. !
The shadow didn't crease on my oily eyelid, that's why I love the texture sooo much.. Overall I love the shadow very well..  Next time I'll give tutorial when using this shadow.. By The way, sorry if my image quality not so good, I use LG G4 phone for taking picture.. I don't use camera anymore, need to save money for wedding.. XD

What I like about this product is:
~ Pigmented
~ Long lasting without crease

What I don't like about this product is:
~ Nothing..!

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^