Wonder woman..! Feel the brave, feel the strength..!
Hi girls.. another wonder woman collection by Missha here.. You all know how I love Missha lately.. and this product also not dissapointed.. XD this blog post will worth until the last word of this post.. If you have an oily skin, big pores, need a medium coverage, and give glowing to your face, you'll definitely need this..

Brand: Missha
Volume: 15 gr
Price: USD 
Shade: #21, #23
Every Cushion have the same box packaging with their own style, this time I really love the packaging, really match with my Missha Wonde woman eyeshadow.. It's almost Chinese New year, that's why i review about this product, because It has a red packaging.. <3
The case is refill-able, so you can replace with anew one if you already run out the cushion.. I think Missha cushion has a same packaging with Etude House, but I still don't try to use Etude in Missha case, the concept is same, you just need to pull out the cushion from the bottom..
The texture is a bit between light and medium thick, at first I thought this cushion is heavy, after I try it on my face, the texture feels like melted on my face, it's spread easily without any cakey..  I pick the dark color and the color really suit my skin color so much.. Usually I take #21 but it's still ligher than my original skintone, this one has the same color with my skin..
The color of this cushion has a bit yellowish tone than reddish tone, so If you have a pink skin like my skin, after you use this, you'll find that your skin become more warm toned.. I have a pink skin on my face, but my neck and my body is warm tone.. so I always search something that create illusion of warm toned skin for my face.. 
As you can see from the picture above, my freckles covered well.. This cushion has a nice medium coverage, it's cover your freckles and reddish skin also covered the pores as well.. The glowing effect also visible, since my skin is oily, I found that after 8 hours my skin start to oily in the air conditioning room, but in the humid weather which is a hot weather, after 4 hours my skin start to shiny.. I don't experience any cakey effect even when my skin start to oily..

Overall the review that I wrote is really worth to read right? Lols~! 
I love the coverage, the lasting power and everything on this cushion.. I already move from my Innisfree cushion to this cushion.. Missha you are the best..! I think If you want to try you can buy the original Missha Magic cushion, it has the same quality and don't forget girls, the price is really cheap.. you can take a look on Jolse.. Every girsl love discount and cheap price right??

What I like about this product is:
~ long lasting
~ nice coverage
~ good colors

What I don't like about this product is:
~ Nothing

to buy this product:
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see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)