Hello pretty ladies.. This is my first time review a product from Missha.. lol.. Have you already try this product? I think this product is similar to Tonymoly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow right? Actually I kinda dissapointed with Tonymoly 7 Days tattoo, because it's too brown and make my eyebrow sooo fake and since this product came with a package from Jolse, so I hope this product will great.. XD this product seems to be good when I go to Jolse site.. Let's check this out..^^
1. Self tanning component soaks into skin naturally therefore lasts long. Even after face wash. 
2. Save your time by shortening makeup. Draw your eyebrow before you go to bed. 
3. Natural eyebrow accomplished with delicate pen-brush.
4. Do not worry about your eyebrow for 7days.
5. Contains Eclipta prostrata L., Camellia Extract, and Vit. B7.

Brand: Missha
Volume: 0.8 ml
Price: USD 9.48
Shade: 1. Maroon Brown, 2. Sinopia Brown
The box is very pretty.. :3 Looks elegant and looks like an expensive product.. This is my first Missha product, so I can't explain what is the real style of this brand.. Usually every brands have their own style.. Innisfree white, Etude House pink, Skinfood colorful with a nature touch.. I dunno about Missha but the first impression, this product have an elegant touch.. The pen it self have a dove texture not a glossy texture, so trully elegant.. ^^
What I got from Jolse is Maroon Brown shade.. It's a reddish brown I think.. When I applied it on my eyebrow the color is soo bold and reddish brown.. I found that it's kinda tricky to draw your eyebrow using this kind of texture, but with a proper exercise we can draw it perfectly especially for those who have thick eyebrow.. Since I have a very very thin eyebrow, I can't use this alone, I still need to use this with eyebrow powder on the next day so it'll not look so fake.. The brush is so thin and good for drawing a perfect shape..

For using this we need to draw it at night and on the next day you'll see the color still stay but not bold.. The color will turn into a light brown I dunno why.. Maybe because of my eyebrow hair is so thin.. so I just use this to create a perfect shape of my eyebrow and I still use my eyebrow gel or powder to draw it again but I just need to follow the line.. NO need to draw the shape again..
Overall I kinda dissapointed but also need this product for draw my shape.. If I can give it rating 1-5 this product is 3 for me.. Useful and dissapointed.. lols~
(sorry for the different lightning, but the color is just light brown after washing face)
Please don't focus into my eyebrow hair.. lols.. just focus into the shape.. I have a very thin eyebrow hair now and because my eyebrow is very sensitive and easily get acne, so around two weeks ago I cut off all my eyebrow hair and re-grow it so my eyebrow hair is still thin.. I'll wait until it's very thick.. hehe As you can see, the color turn into light brown and the color still stay until day 5 but we still need retouch and draw it again if you want the shape same everyday because at the day 7 the color already dissapeared especially at the tail..

What I like about this product is:
~ elegant packaging
~ the brush is great..!

What I don't like about this product is:
~ the color is just arrgghhhh..! T^T

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)