Yuhuuu,...~! How are you girls..? So today I gonna review a new cream shadow from Innisfree.. Yesterday I saw a new video from Pony Beauty Diary, and Oh my God, Pony using the same item that I got from Jolse.. I kinda excited to review this one, because one of my favorite makeup icon is using the same item.. lol.. IF you curious what video that I see you can click this link..

"A cream eyeshadow with a delicate color that allows a variety of eye makeup"

1. Creates a rich pearly look with a single touch.
2. Gives a soft and powdery finish.
3. Allows a lasting makeup, without smudging.

Brand: Innisfree
Volume: 6.3 gr
Price: USD 9.98
The packaging is come with a simple touch.. just like another cream eyeshadow, this eyeshadow come tih a transparent hard plastic jar.. :3 This eyeshadow also not come with a box, just a plastic seal.. so If you want to know more about the ingredients, you can visit Innisfree website..^^
Talking a bit about eyeshadow, I already try many different texture of eyeshadow such as powder, stick and loose powder, actually eyeshadow stick and eyeshadow cream is a same texture but different packaging.. I found that eyeshadow cream in a jar is more easy to use because I can use my brush to take it from the packaging and blend it..

Usually cream eyeshadow is have a nice color, pigmented and long lasting and so do this product.. This product have a great color which is long lasting and very creamy texture.. I feel like I spread choco jam on my bread.. This eyeshadow's color is so good.. I think all of this collection colors is perfect for daily use and for smoky eyes also.. :3 I just hope Innisfree will release some new color range of this creamy shadow..  One thing that I hate from cream eyeshadow is the limited color shade.. almost all brands only have 5-15 colors of their cream eyeshadow..
So sad right? cream eyeshadow is suitable for beginners and for those who want a fast makeup, that's really suitable with my personality.. Even I love powder eyeshadow, I still use cream for daily use.. I just keep all my palette at my makeup bag and use it when I want to create tutorial or something.. lol..~
As you can see at the picture above, I rub very hard until it start missing.. lol, so if you going to swim, you don't need to worry about you eyeshadow.. :3

What I like about this product is:
~ Long lasting
~ pigmented
~ Cheap and huge amount

What I don't like about this product is:
~ None

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)