Etude House Sunprise Bye Sebum Sun Stick Review

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The surprisingly convenient tone-up sun stick protects skin from UV rays and keeps skin matte.
Brand: Etude House
Volume: 12 gr
Price: USD 12
Where to Buy: Etude House, Testerkorea
Do anybody love sunblock as much as I do? I think I already write the benefit of using sunblock as a daily basis.. Sunblock helps to prevent the damage from UV rays and also help your skin to look 10 years younger in the next 10 years of course.. Since right now I'm already near my 24 years old age, I want to look like this in the next 10 years or probably next 30 years also.. lols.. I really want to have sunblock that help to prevent sun but not sticky and keep my face fresh, finally thanks God, Etude House release this sun stick which is very easy to use and you don't need your hand to apply it..

I already notice since this year, all Korean product comes with expired date already.. so for every women out there who want to purchase Korean cosmetics don't need to worry about when the product will expired.. For sunscreen it self, almost all sunscreen will expired after 1 year of usage, so always throw away your sunscreen after 1 year..^^

This sunscreen really works just like it names, Bye Sebum..! For every oily skin out there, you really need this sun screen.. The sunscreen works like magic, help to reduce oily shine skin.. I love use this sunscreen as a base makeup also, because the sunscreen has a whitening effect as soon after you use this..  Somehow I really start to love any kind of sun stick.. It's really convenience.. You can use anytime anywhere without touching your face using your hand.. The sunscreen has a light fruity smells, I really love this sunscreen..
Overall, for you who lazy to use makeup everyday, maybe you can try use sunscreen to protect your face and you must choose this sunscreen..! I love the texture as well, the texture is light and easy to blend with the skin.. maybe for some dark skin you'll feel this sunscreen to white, because it's only have one shade and it's not transparent, so I don't recommend this for dark skin.. I use this in the morning for indoor activity in humid hot weather like Jakarta and it's hold my sebum for almost 12 hours, for outdoor activity, I really recommend you to re-apply after 2 hours of under direct sun..

What I like about this product is:
~ Natural color
~ Longlasting
~ Very light texture
~ control sebum

What I don't like about this product is:
~ nope

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