BBCosmetic.. a new way to shopping Korean cosmetics

Hi girls... Long time not posting something..
I'm very tired everyday until too lazy to update my blog.. Okai now I want to share a new Korean cosmetics shop that sell so many brands and they ship our package very fast.. It's called

What I like about this store, they sell all new items and very update.. XD They provide a cheap price also and the best things in the world is FREE SHIPPING.. lols.. who can resist this.. If you located in the US they have a big warehouse in the LA, but If you are outside of US, they will send you use common shipping provider like DHL or EMS.. Personally since I live in Indonesia, usually use EMS or DHL will be better.. when use EMS the shipping will be 2 or 3 weeks, depends on weather..

The store it self is very compact, I love this kind of store, because it's make me easier to browse and read, they always give a complete information also in every items.. Just for the example:

I think I'll start to shopping in this store since it has a nice complete information, the customer service also good.. Reply me very fast..
Overall I think If you are korean cosmetic lover, you must try to shopping in this store..
If you are curious and want to try browse it, you can visit the link in --->

xoxo, Liza Chan..~