Hi all.. Another eyeliner review.. I love eyeliner especially pen liner.. It's very easy to use and convenient.. Jolse sent me another package and inside the package I got a new eyeliner.. XD Sooo happy to get a new eyeliner.. this time I got a new eyeliner from The Saem.. I already review their gel liner.. so far I love their quality of waterproof and smudgeproof claim..

Strong proof liner.
Soft liquid texture and ink tank used for sleek line.
Perfect daily waterproof.
Ink tank type of eyeliner - nonstop line
Vivid and clear eyeline.
Brand: The Saem
Volume: 0.6 ml
Price: USD 8.98
Shade: 01 Black, 02 Brown
The packaging is very simple and just like another The Saem Eco soul Collection, it's light brown with a light touch of eco packaging..
The pen is black just like another pen liner and the tip is really very thin.. You can draw a very thin line or a bold one.. About the pigmented rate, I really recommend this to everyone.. The color is really pigmented and good even you draw it three times..
After several test, I found that this eyeliner really waterproof and smudgeproof, but after 9 hours, if you rub your eyes too hard, the eyeliner will turn into flakes.. Overall I really like the color and the staying power only after a long hours of application, the eyeliner will start flaky.. I use this eyeliner everyday because I really love the color..

What I like about this product is:
- pigmented
- no smudge and waterproof

What I don't like about this product is:
- turn into flakes

to buy this product:
see yaa in the next post..^^
(this product was sponsored by Jolse, all review is based on my honest opinion)