Hello dolll.... 

how are you?
Today I gonna review my collective eyeliner.. wkakakakw, why I said collective?
because I bought it not at the same time..
I'm sure anybody knows about this eyeliner..
I gonna review colours number: 01 black gem, 05 brown amber, and 09 18k gold
this eyeliner makes me love and addict to use it, because this eyeliner is very very waterproof..!

First time I buy this eyeliner, I thought that this eyeliner is just like an ordinary pencil liner, easy to smudge
and not waterproff but after I testing it, this eyeliner is great!
For the smudge proff test, I think the smudging proof is average, my eyelid is very oily, so I need to use a primer before using this eyeliner.. and for smudge proof, based on my test, this eyeliner have an average rating. Because this eyeliner still smudging in my eyelid, especially in the corner of my eyes.. But for waterproof test this eyeliner is very great..!!

The new one is the brown colour, for the black and the gold is already used by three or four times.. hahaha
The eyeliner texture is good, creamy, and easily glide on my eyes.. but for the black one, I feel a little bit hard not soft as the brown or the gold.. My fave colour so far is the brown one..
I love brown eyeliner, because It's so natural.

Okaii time for swatches:

Waterproof test:

Using eye makeup remover:

Really great huhh??
I give two thumbs up for this eyeliner hahaha..

See you in the next post girls...
With love,
Liza Chan